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Domestic Beers

We have a range of beers from all over the United States including several emerging breweries on Staten Island

Craft Beer

Largest craft beer selection on Staten Island

Foreign Beers

We stock beers from around the world

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Beverage Island has beverage tastings in store typically on Fridays and Saturdays. Keep up to date with us by following us on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or by looking at our event calendar.

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Testimonials/ Customer Reviews

Mike M. on Yelp said: "... Can't put it any other way - best selection of craft beer in the area." 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Beverage Island have a full line of Kegs?

A: Basically, yes. We stock a variety of kegs inside of our walk-in fridge in-store. However, we cannot always predict what styles customers will ask for before they walk in. If you see a keg you like, great! However, if you are looking for a certain keg from a particular brewery for a party or simply for your bar at home, give us a call and we will order a keg just for you. 

**Keg deposit required when ordering keg not already in store**

Q: Does Beverage Island deliver to homes?

A: Yes, we will deliver to homes on Staten Island for a flat fee of $5 plus tax and deposit of the items that you select when a driver is available. You can make your order over the phone for a keg, or if you like to select your items in-store and have it delivered after payment. Your choice! Please be courteous and try to place an order at least 48 hours in advance to allow proper shopping and delivery by our staff. 

We currently do not sell items online, however, we may do so in the near future!

Any other questions you may have give us a call in-store at (929) 369 - 0100

Email us at beverageislandretail@gmail.com, or walk-in to our fine establishment and have some cool beer talk with one of our knowledgeable associates. 

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